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Leaving isn’t necessarily or only a new beginning. Leaving doesn’t mean that something ends.

Leaving definitely means that there’s a challenge coming. The challenge might be leaving people, it might be keeping in touch with them. It could mean trouble with fitting in again in an old environment. Maybe it is finding the right new beginning, so it won’t be just repeating old mistakes.

I guess everybody has their own pain full experiences with leaving and loosing something, but maybe one will always gain something in the end, because experiencing is the best way of learning and one gained knowledge and probably way more than that.

It’s hard to talk about leaving isn’t it?

I have one more thing to add, when you cry because you leave, be happy that you’ve got something to cry for. It means that you love someone, a lot.

So and now enjoy a fabulous summer, that you can remember as one of the happiest summers ever!

Take care 🙂

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1. Photo of the Day

This the 1. Photo of our Photos of the Day collection. We are going to post our favorite Photo of the day every day and we hope you will like them, too.

Here is our song of the day 😀 because “…I’m sick of the rain…” 🙂 “Sunshine” by Josie

We’ll post more later and we wish all of you groovy summer days!

Take care,

Charlotte and Sophie

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