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Day 9- Pool Party

Hi there!

Today was kind of relaxing (listening to music, cooking, enjoying the sun…) until Sophie, Hannah and I decided to go to a pool party at the public swimming pool. After trying dozens of different outfits, we finally were satisfied. We arrived at the party at 10 pm and there was nothing going on – we were kind of disappointed because the music wasn’t that good and nobody danced either.  But after some time we called two friends and fortunately they agreed to join us.

The best thing about the evening was that we all had our swimming things with us. So, we went to the pool immediately and had lots (!) of fun. Wouldn’t have been a pool party without swimming!

We walked home wet all over and freezing but with  a big smile on our face 🙂

Unfortunately, we didn’t take pictures today… please forgive us 😉

See you soon,


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