Hi there dear Internet, here are many random facts about me that you can remember forever!

  1. I am Sophie.
  2. I am 15 Years old and 6 days younger than Charlotte.
  3. Right now I am still in Canada, where I will have been for 10 Month, when I come back to Germany in the beginning of our 42 Days of Summer.
  4.  I love to learn more about other cultures and countries, so one of my dreams is to learn lots of languages.
  5. Another one of my crazy dreams is to change the world.  There are too many things that I want to change, and I’d like to explain why and how, so I won’t right about them now, but I think you will hear about them in our blog.
  6. My heroes are people who make a difference in their communities, just by being themselves and spreading the feeling that a lot of small people can have a huge impact in this world. Helping and not asking for anything in return, but still getting so much Love back.
  7.  I love singing. It makes me very happy to be with my choir in Germany. People + Music. <333

There are many other things that influence me and that I like, but I think this is enough information for now.

Take care 🙂

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