DAY 7- a fun day!

Statement of the day: IT’S A FUN DAY!

You don’t believe me?! Well.. have a look at our picture of the day:

Doesn’t it look like a fun day? Sophie, Hannah and I went to the public swimming pool together and stayed for some time. This might sound childish but we tried to talk underwater . And even though it didn’t work out at all we had to laugh really bad. (Did you ever laugh underwater? It sounds hilarious!)

After swimming and eating chips we went back to Sophie’s and started taking pictures. Because that is the most important plan for our 42 days of summer: Taking pictures every day.

I think one can see on the photo that we are really good friends!  ..but please don’t ask why Sophie wears a Santa toque 😉

See you tomorrow,


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Day 6- “How can one make people happy?”-“Give them ice cream!”

A summer day…..

What do you think is that?

A day in summer?

A day with great weather?

A good day?

A day with friends?

I think for me it’s a mix out of these… I would go eat ice cream and go swimming with my friends. We could sit outside in the evening and just do what ever… That sounds like a good day to me.

I guess summer for me is about not worrying. Not about school or what people think of me. It’s just living. Doing what ever I want.Image

On the left is Hannah- a veeeery close friend- and on the right is Charlotte. We were eating ice cream in our favorite Italian ice cream shop called: Dolomiti

ImageThat’s me being creepy…

And here’s a song:

Take care and have groovy summer days 🙂


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Day 5

This is Sophie 🙂

A day full of Good Byes and Hellos… I left Canada and came back to Germany. It’s a day full of memories and I also remembered the beginning. When I just got to beautiful Canada and everything was new and confusing. It’s not like Germany would be new for me now, but I notice differences and my stay in Canada changed me.

ImageThis is Charlotte and me infront of the Parliaments Building in Victoria. It was in September 2011.

Here’s a song:

Well all the good memories made me cry and people looked at me weirdly… 😀

I hope you can enjoy sunshine,


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Day 4

Charlotte here again. This picture was taken at the beach (obviously). I really like drawing and writing on the sand and then watch how the water comes closer and erases everything over and over.

Today is day 4. There are 38 days left.

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Day 3

Charlotte here. Today’s picture is about Norderney again. The picture at the back is the typical landscape one can see on the island. Even though it looks like a wide area, you can bike around the whole island in a day. If you look at the picture precisely, maybe you can tell that there’s no soil but only dunes below the grass.

The photo on the right shows the beautiful sunset (again). I just can’t get enough of it!

Can you read what is written on the wreck in the photo on the left? Someone wrote “Pionier” with graffiti. (“Pionier” is german and means “pioneer”) Well, maybe this boat used to be a pioneer but not anymore..

Are you a pioneer?

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Photo of day 2- Rocky Horror Picture Show & Norderney


Last night I went to a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. My friends and I dressed up and did all the participation things, so much FUN! 😉

Everyone who has done that before, knows what I’m talking about. Everyone who doesn’t know what that movie is, better watch it. Please watch it twice though. The first time is always a little… confusing 😀

This is me trying to dress up as Janet:

ImageWhat do you think? I don’t really look anything like Janet, but at least I look old-fashioned. 🙂

Today all the Rocky Horror Songs are stuck in my head:

I hope you can enjoy summer and sunshine,

take care,



This is my photo of the day. My grandma invited the family to stay on an island called “Norderney” (in the North Sea) for the weekend and honestly: This island is beautiful! Most of it seems to be beach but there’s lots of green space, too. The whole landscape is great, we really enjoyed long walks at the promenade, down by the water and sometimes in the white dunes.

I took this picture by automatic release at sunset. The light was gorgeous, the whole ocean seemed to be gold-plated! When you stand at the waterfront, your toes touch the cold water and you watch the sunset, you can’t stop smiling. These moments are what I define as happiness.

On islands in the North Sea it’s always windy. Sometimes it gets annoying because the wind just won’t stop. But in the evenings, when you walk at the beach barefooted and the wind blows in your face, you really need to start running! Mostly the wind is too powerful so that you can’t get moving. And even though people might laugh at you (because it looks absurd when someone’s running without moving forward..) it is an amazing  feeling!

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1. Photo of the Day

This the 1. Photo of our Photos of the Day collection. We are going to post our favorite Photo of the day every day and we hope you will like them, too.

Here is our song of the day 😀 because “…I’m sick of the rain…” 🙂 “Sunshine” by Josie

We’ll post more later and we wish all of you groovy summer days!

Take care,

Charlotte and Sophie

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Let’s get started!

Wouhuu we just created a blog! Amazingly awesome, I would say 🙂

But to be honest: this blog didn’t start yet, it’s still sleeping and waiting for the world to get summer.

(Yeah, I guess this sounds confusing…)

So here’s the explanation: This is a blog about our 42 days of summer, starting on Friday, June 29 and ending on Sunday, August 12 2012. Everybody who had a look into the calendar should have noticed that there aren’t 42 days, there are actually 45 days between these dates- but hey: who cares? And it’s too late to change the name anyways 😛 And don’t you think too that “42 days” sounds way better than “45 days” ?

But what is this blog going to be about? And who and how many people are we?

Good question!

Well, we are two girls who are pretty much best friends and we decided to create this blog about our summer. You need more details? Here you go: Every single day, both of us will upload one picture, our personal picture of the day. We got this idea, because we love taking photos of people, places and the things that make us smile/laugh. We will also write what we are doing. Hopefuly we inspire you to some nice ideas for your summer. We would be very happy to receive suggestions for other things we could try.

But until then, enjoy spring. 😉

Charlotte and Sophie

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