Last summer we hung lot’s of paperboats on that tree. Last winter Charlotte took this photo. I love it and I hope that you do too 🙂

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Almost everybody knows this song, but don’t you also think it could be so easy if people would try to keep peace. Sometimes I’m sad when I see how much unnecessary anger there is in this world. So much sorrow and it could be so easy. Why, why, why?

I hope everybody who’s reading this will try to spread a little happiness today and tomorrow and everyday they can 🙂 That way you’ll always have nice summer days 🙂

Take care, Sophie.

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Enjoying summer outdoors

ImageHannah and Me lying in a park in Munich. Charlotte as the photographer. We had a great day in the ” Englischer Garten”, which is a huge park in Munich with a lot of fun stuff in it, especially if you have a surfboard and can take it with you there. At one part of the Englischer Garten there is some kind of faked wave. It looks so fun!!

ImageWe also went to the “Deutsches Museum” twice. It is a museum in the center of Munich and so interesting, you can do stuff on your own and the way they explain things is just that everybody can understand it.ImageWe also got to enjoy good coffee and great cake. 😉

I hope everyone is experiencing just as great times as we are.

Take Care, Sophie 😉

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Leaving isn’t necessarily or only a new beginning. Leaving doesn’t mean that something ends.

Leaving definitely means that there’s a challenge coming. The challenge might be leaving people, it might be keeping in touch with them. It could mean trouble with fitting in again in an old environment. Maybe it is finding the right new beginning, so it won’t be just repeating old mistakes.

I guess everybody has their own pain full experiences with leaving and loosing something, but maybe one will always gain something in the end, because experiencing is the best way of learning and one gained knowledge and probably way more than that.

It’s hard to talk about leaving isn’t it?

I have one more thing to add, when you cry because you leave, be happy that you’ve got something to cry for. It means that you love someone, a lot.

So and now enjoy a fabulous summer, that you can remember as one of the happiest summers ever!

Take care 🙂

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I don’t feel it anymore by William Fitzsimmons


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Day 10- just hanging around

Charlotte here. Today, there wasn’t that much going on. I mean, if you wake up at noon, half the day is gone already..  Together, we made plans for next week because we will stay in Munich for 5 days. I haven’t been there myself yet but Sophie and Hannah know it well. Unfortunately it’s not sure whether we can post something.

My evening ended with lemon tea and chocolate pudding while watching TV 😀









However, have a groovy evening… Charlotte

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100 years of Style

Look at this, I love it!


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Day 9- Pool Party

Hi there!

Today was kind of relaxing (listening to music, cooking, enjoying the sun…) until Sophie, Hannah and I decided to go to a pool party at the public swimming pool. After trying dozens of different outfits, we finally were satisfied. We arrived at the party at 10 pm and there was nothing going on – we were kind of disappointed because the music wasn’t that good and nobody danced either.  But after some time we called two friends and fortunately they agreed to join us.

The best thing about the evening was that we all had our swimming things with us. So, we went to the pool immediately and had lots (!) of fun. Wouldn’t have been a pool party without swimming!

We walked home wet all over and freezing but with  a big smile on our face 🙂

Unfortunately, we didn’t take pictures today… please forgive us 😉

See you soon,


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Day 8- Strawberry and Basil Salad

It was raining this morning what made me kind of sad. But later, my mom brought Strawberries what made me feel kind of happy – they were delicious!

Also my sister had planted basil in our garden and we still have lots that we needed to use…

So, have you ever heard of Strawberry& Basil Salad? It’s really tasty!










Strawberry& Basil Salad with balsamic vinegar

50 ml sugar

50 ml water

50 ml balsamic vinegar

500 g strawberries

basil (as much as you like)

nuts (almonds, walnuts or other)

1) Mix sugar and water in a small saucepan and boil until it is syrup-like. Stir in balsamic vinegar and let cool down.

2) Wash strawberries and cut into halves. Put them in a bowl.

3) Cut basil in small stripes. Add it to the strawberries.

4) Chop the nuts and add them to the bowl.

5) Pour the sauce over the strawberries.



Sophie and I went to the swimming pool as well… We had lots of fun 🙂

I hope you had a great day!

See you soon,


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Spitting Fire by The Boxer Rebellion

Spitting Fire… listening to this song always makes me smile 🙂

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